In 1946 Ben Chiles returned to Pulaski, Tennessee, after World War II and purchased a small Texaco Service Station. This is where the tradition of Chiles's quality customer service was born and nurtured. He was extremely successful at his profession and was a much sought after dealer by companies supplying motor fuel and lubricants. Over the years his business expanded, which led him to move to larger facilities in order to continue to provide the services required by Chiles's customers.

Ben Chiles managed his finances wisely, and on June 1, 1971, he, along with his oldest son, Bruce, purchased a small Phillips 66 wholesale distributorship (oil marketer) that was experiencing hard times. At this time Chiles Oil was born. Bruce received his Masters Degree in Business Administration at Emory University in 1969, and had worked with Olin Corporation's Aluminum Division in Hannibal, Ohio, for 18 months prior to expanding the family business.

For a number of years Chiles supplied service station dealers, mom & pop grocery stores, local commercial business and industry as well as farm accounts. In 1975 Chiles purchased Carlton Oil Company in Columbia, Tennessee. Then, in 1986 Gordon Oil Company was purchased, and in 1989 the assets of Arnold Oil Company were added. Chiles Oil had tremendous growth and was a leader in the oil industry in the lower Middle Tennessee area. On October 1, 1985, Chiles purchased their first convenience store and formed Chiles Enterprises, and added another convenience store and full service station in 1987. In 1989 Chiles Oil joined the Pacific Pride family of franchises, a fleet fueling franchise supplying commercial accounts 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Chiles Oil was one of the few franchisees east of the Mississippi and the first in the Southeast. Bruce has been active in state and national industry associations since the early seventies.

West Chiles knew that he wanted to carry on the family legacy. West received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Western Michigan University in Petroleum Distribution. In the early 1990's West took the company in another direction. He began Industrial Propane serving commercial industrial accounts. In the late 1990's he expanded the propane to meet the needs of residential homes; thus, forming Chiles Propane, LLC. The company was formed on the foundation of providing secure propane supply year round for the residential and commercial user of propane, without the usual irritation of price gouging and delayed or canceled deliveries during cold winter months or adverse weather conditions. Continuing the Chiles Family values of delivering more than a product, Chiles Propane delivered service. In 2009 servicing and installing Central Heat & Air was added. In 2012 Chiles became a Carrier Dealer. This allows customers to do one-stop shopping for all summer and winter comfort needs. Whether it is HVAC installation and repairs, propane sales and installations, fireplace logs, or on-demand water heaters, Chiles can meet your family and business comfort needs all year long.

While growing up, West worked at his grandfather's service station or at the plant with his parents after school. He loved to work at the service station and would run to greet the customers as they pulled up for gas. West said, "Those days were the days of full service." "Fill'er up" meant just that. He knew to take care of not only the gas, but the tires, water, oil, windshield, and air filter as well. For their safety and the reliability of their car, those were the basics whether or not they asked for them. It may sound old fashioned, but at Chiles we believe customers appreciate full service whether or not they expect it. We strive to service your needs like my Grandfather Ben would have taken care of your father or grandfather's 1965 Chevy truck. Maybe it was the family car that he helped squeeze a few extra miles from. When you buy from Chiles, you receive service too.

Do you check your oil with every fill up? Do you know how much air pressure should be in your tires or when to change your air filter? These are all little things that contribute to your safely and reliability of your car. Your propane system, central heat and air, and appliances are not different. Maybe it's time for an old fashioned full service inspection of the little things. When you buy from Chiles your comfort is guaranteed, because we still believe in full service.

Chiles Heating & Cooling - "Your Comprehensive Energy and Comfort Provider"